Straight officer saber. Circa 1830.

Very rare. Wooden grip, covered in stingray skin -with partial loss-, and with the original wire twist. Stirrup-shaped garnish, made of fused bronze and mercury gilt, decorated with high-quality phytomorphic designs. The straight cross on the shank ends in a floral ornament and is projected onto the forearm. Blade length: 52 cm / 20.47 in. Total length: 96 cm / 37.79 in.

Blade with a single edge and hollows on both sides, etched in acid with the legend "Federation or Death", which is uncommon in the armament of the federal forces, except for important officers, who ordered their own weapons. Originally gilded bronze scabbard, with two fastening shots or rings.

By family tradition, it belonged to Manuel Mateo Masculino (Castilla la Vieja, 1797 - Buenos Aires, 1859) an industrialist who arrived in Buenos Aires at the age of 26, installed his factory of ivory combs and tortoiseshell combs, well known at the time. His famous large combs were reproduced by César Hipólito Bacle in the lithograph album "Costumes and Customs of the province of Buenos Aires", whose notebook N ° 5 entitled "Extravagances", caricaturing said fashion. A few combs are preserved decorated with the portraits of Juan Manuel de Rosas and his wife, and with the federal legend that we find on this saber.


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